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We Offer 3 Types of Services:

They are packaged in 3 Plans: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

1) Mobile Website

The core product of this business is the mobile website which complements the customer’s existing PC website (if the customer does not have a website, the mobile website can become its primary website).

The client can create the mobile website using the wizard, or FingerMarketing can create the website for the client. The website is updated real time through a client administration panel.

2) Social Media Optimization

Once the mobile website is created, there are various levels of social media optimization available depending on the type of plan chosen. Gold and Silver subscribers get a Facebook fanpage.  Subscribers in any plan can apply for Foursquare, Google Plus, Yelp, and Facebook Places.

3) SMS/Text Message Marketing

This option is available once the mobile website is created. The system is operated through the Client administration panel. It is included in the Silver and Gold plans. Bronze plan subscribers have to pay a monthly fee to use it.

 How can FingerMarketing benefit a Small Business?

1) Most small businesses own a website which they use to display and sell their goods and services. Thousands of dollars have been spent over the years to develop and update these websites.

But since the websites are not optimized for the mobile platform, which is becoming more and more popular today, the former are fast becoming practically useless. In fact, of all small businesses only 3% have a mobile optimized website, while the other 97% (which translates into millions of businesses) do not.

We present a mobile solution to the 97% of the businesses without mobile websites at an extremely competitive price. And the solution is even better for a business without a PC website, as it can now own an affordable mobile website and easily change the content without hiring expensive programmers.

2) A Facebook fan page is fast becoming more visible than a website. Facebook with its 850+ million members is probably the most powerful networking tool that connects a business with its prospects and customers in new and engaging ways. There are conversations, events and networking opportunities that are only happening in Facebook – for those who are not on Facebook, they are missing out on these opportunities.
The “Deluxe “Facebook fan page that is provided with the Silver and Gold Plans is a basic fan page with the added feature of having the existing business website embedded within the fan page. Updates to the mobile website from the admin panel are carried across to the fanpage, so there is no need for time consuming double entry.

3) FingerMarketing encourages its clients to be active in social media engagement by offering sign up and configuration with Yelp, Foursquare, Google Places and Google Plus. The effective use of these social networks will greatly enhance any business’ reputation and bottom line.

4) The SMS/Text message marketing module is a very effective and powerful marketing tool. For just pennies a day, a small business can communicate with its most targeted and loyal customers – the ones that have opted-in to its SMS marketing system and have agreed to receive messages. These messages can be in the form of a special offer, an invitation an exhibition or show, or a greeting.


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